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Sunday, March 30, 2014

[360]The cover are here... banzai *0*

The cover are finally here and I am sooooo happy! I love each single cover and I can't wait to hold them in my hands!! *0* As soon as I find bigger size pictures of the cover, I will definitly post them here! ^-^

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[359][Download]Boys On Stage Vol. 1

(Sorry for the front cover not being scanned fully but I tried to scan it more then once and it always made a cut at the same place. Poor Ryohei now missing a part of his face on the picture.)

Artist: w-inds., Lead, Chotokkyu, Da-iCE, EMALF, Vimclip, Kaleido Knight, Masaya Kamimura, Kota Shinzato

So I got my Boys On Stage Vol. 1 today and directly scanned it for you 'cause it's really amazing. Again I ONLY scanned the photoshoots and NOT the interview. This time there are way more interviews in it. If you would like me to scan one of the interviews, then please tell me! I hope you like the pictures.

[358]funny name

So I was watching the latest episodes of EBiDAN, that I was still missing.  In those few episodes they made a challange to choose the best EBiDAN member. Sometimes it was really awkward to watch them. xD But I also enjoyed it a lot and I am pretty happy about who got to be number one. However, what I wanted to tell / show you is the names that the last four member were given. Here are the first three:

First of is Yamazaki Haruki who got the name "King of Singer" because he has the best voice in EBiDAN but I guess with a bit training some other will be as good as Haruki. Still I think he is awsome because he is quite good at both, dancing and singing. ^o^

 Next of is Shiozaki Daichi who was given the name "Enterteiner of EBiDAN" because Daichi is great at dancing and maybe also because his personallity is very open and you can have a lot of fun with him.

Next is one of my all time favorite EBiDAN members. It's Yuuto who got the great name of "Perfect of EBiDAN". I think it's unfair to give such a name to one member because it supposes that he is the perfect one and no one other is as good as him. However I still like him and I think he is a good dancer (thought in the challange I found his dancing to be a bit too energetic) and I even like his still untrained voice.

AND now let's come to the very least of the best four...

It's Itagaki Mizuki. I was laughing soooooo hard when they said "Dark horse". I mean why on earth would someone be called like this. This is the most weird name I ever heard of for someone. xDDD But to be honest I don't know what a name to give him. I mean Mizuki's voice is nice, absolutly not perfect but nice, but his dancing is really horrible. I even thing it's not fair that Mizuki is under the last 4. I mean I like him a lot he is so cute and I like his shyness (thought he is not that shy anymore) but in the first round his rival was Reo and I think Reo was way better then Mizuki. I didn't understand the jury's decision. Even in the next round Jan was better than Mizuki... >-< I don't get that. But what ever, maybe that's where his name comes from. xD (poor bb)

Friday, March 21, 2014

[357][Download]EBiDAN Vol. 1

Artists: Dish//, Chotokkyu, PrizmaX, EBiDAN trainees

Today I want to share the first magazine of EBiDAN with you. I scanned this some time ago for a friend but decided now that I should share it with all of you. That way I want to spread the love for EBiDAN. There are some nice photoshoots in this magazine, especially the ones of Dish//. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Also if you like what you see, please buy the magazine!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

[356]new cd's and magazines

I bought way to much lately but I had so much stress and when I have stress or feel unwell I tend to buy things. I know this behaviour is not very healthy but I will work on it another time. xD For now I just enjoy all the great things I got. Have a look yourself.

 NEWS - Color [Limited Edition]
Yamashita Tomohisa - Super Good Super Bad [Dvd ver.]
Dream5 - I don't obey ~Bokura no Pride~ [Dvd ver.]
Dream5 - Run to the future [Dvd ver.]
Dish// - Freak Show [Dvd ver. A]
Crude Play - Sayonara no Junbi wa, Mo Dekiteita  [Limited Low Price Edition]
NEWS - Pacific [Concert Dvd]

Got the NEWS album pretty cheap on ebay BUT sadly it doesn't look so good anymore. However it's all about the music anyway and the cd itself looks still like new, just the case looks used already. I am glad I got the Limited Edition. It comes with a bigger booklet. There are some nice pictures in it! About the YamaP album I am super extremly happy 'cause it's not easy to get the dvd version anymore. I got it for 20€ which is a good price I think. I LOVE that there is the One in a million music video on it. LOVE this song and video a lot. *o* ALSO finally got the last two cd's of Dream5 that I needed to finish my collection. I am so happy. Now I own at least one version of every single release of them. Yay!! The new Dish// cd was a must of course but I don't like this single as much as their former ones. The least cd is the Crude Play single. This is not a real band, it's a band from a movie. I love that they released cd's of the bands in the movie. That's such a great idear. I mostly got this because of Masa (Kubota Masataka) he playes the bassist in the band. He is awsome. I want to watch this movie so badly... but it's still a long time until it will be released on dvd. Last thing on the picture is a dvd that I bought from J-Music. Love this concert and watched it twice within the first two days I owned it. It's also the limited edition!! I am sooooo happy!! *0*

Wink Up 04/2014
Myojo 04/2014
Potato 04/2014
Potato 02/2014

So lately I am into magazines. xD I love looking through the magazines. There are many great pictures. Also I had to get the wink up one, 'cause there are some upper great photo shoots in it. LOVE it. And even though I don't like Myojo so much, I got this one because of Johnny's WEST eing on the cover. I am so excited for their debut in april. Don't want to wait anymore. And then two potato magazines as well, just because it's my favorite JE magazine! *o*
That's it for now. Maybe I will do a post with more pictures soon and I am thinking about scanning one or two of the magazines. Just don't know which I should scan! >-<  However for now I wish you all a great day. bye~

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[355]Dream5 & palet new cover's are out

Yeay!! They have finally been released. I am so happy. Here they are, first of palets cover for the 2nd major single.

Keep on Lovin' You Ver. A (with DVD)

Keep on Lovin' You Ver. B

Keep on Lovin' You Ver. C

Oh my gosh!! All three covers looking sooooooo amazing. I wish I could buy all of them but sadly I am kinde broke lately and there are other releases being more important! >-< BUT of 'course I bought the DVD ver. already. Love this band so much and CAN'T wait to watch the new music video, I think I read somewhere that it will be out on the 30th March but I am not sure. Waaahh that would be awsome.

The new single covers for Dream5 do look very different to their usual covers. They look really grown up. Not as colorful as always. I like the covers. Now I can't wait to watch the music video for Break Out and of  course to listen to the song! *0* I guess the music video will be similar to their come on music video but I will only know when I first watch it. I hope it won't be long 'till it's being released! >o< 
About the second song on the single I have to say I don't like it so much. It's very childish (like many of their songs) and with a lot of repeating but however I think I will still get used to the song. Like I got to all of their songs. xD

Next month there will be so many great new singles. I can't wait for them to be released. Maybe I will tell you about them in an extra post. But I am not sure. At least it's my last year in school and at the time I have a lot of stress. Also there are my youtube videos that take a long time to make. >-< However I will try my best to write on this blog! ^-^

Friday, March 14, 2014

[354]Dream5 theme for new single

The new themes for the new single by Dream5 have been released last week. Before showing them to you I actuelly wanted to wait until the covers are out as well but since they are still not out I dicided to show you the new themes now anyway! ^-^
Aren't they looking amazing?!!  I can't wait to see the covers and to watch the music video for Break Out!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

[353][Download]Boys On Stage Vol. 2

Artists: AAA (Nissy & Shinjiro), Vimclip, Da-iCE, SOLIDEMO, Lead, w-inds., Kaleido Knight, Chotokkyu

Today I want to share this amazing magazine with you. I hope you like it.
There are many interviews in this magazin, I did NOT scan those, I ONLY scanned the pictures in this magazine. If you would like me to scan one of the interviews, 'cause you maybe want to translate them, please write me a comment under this post.

If you like this magazine, please buy it!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

[352]Boys On Stage Vol. 2

Heute hab ich meine Boys On Stage Zeitschrift bekommen! Ich dachte ich teile mal ein paar Bilder mit euch. Viel Spaß beim Gucken!

So viele tolle Bilder! Ich hab mir auch gleich noch Vol. 1 bestellt. xD

Friday, March 7, 2014

[351]Happy Birthday Kikuchi Fuma

Ach ja ich mochte ihn schon damals als er zusammen mit Kento, Hokuto und Kouchi die Unit "B.I.Shadow" gebildet hat. Als Sexy Zone dann ihr debut hatten war er Anfangs mein Liebling wurde aber schnell von den anderen eingeholt. Am liebsten mag ich seine Stimme, die hat absolut einen Wiedererkennungswert. Was ich nicht so an ihm mag ist, dass er mich bei bestimmten Gesten total an Jin (Akanishi) erinnert. >-<
Wie auch immer hiermit möchte ich ihm alles gute zum B-Day wünschen und dass er noch lange Zeit eine erfolgreiche Karriere im Musikbuissnes haben wird.

[350]new gets

So heute mal wieder nur ein Post über meine neuen Sachen bzw. nicht mal wirklich über, so ein Post kommt später, sondern ich will euch einfach mal nur zeigen was ich neu bekommen habe in den letzten Wochen. Viel Spaß beim gucken.

Fairies - Run With U
Fumika - Nakitai Bokura Dvd ver.
Hey! Say! JUMP - AinoArika / Aisureba Motto Happy Life Dvd ver. A
Hey! Say! JUMP - AinoArika / Aisureba Motto Happy Life Dvd ver. B
HR - Evolution da
 KAT-TUN - kusabi
KREVA - Tranquilizer
Sexy Zone - Sexy Second Dvd ver. B
THE possible - Best Number Collection

Potato März 2014
Kanojyo wa Uso o Aishisugiteiru official Movie Book
NYC - Colors Photobook
Johnny's Sexy Shot Collection

Genaueres über die Sachen werde ich in einem anderen Post schreiben. ^-^
Euch erstmal einen tollen Einstieg ins Wochenende und man hört sich.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

[347]Dream5 picspam again~ \\(^0^)//

So heute mal wieder ein kleiner Dream5 Picspam!

Ich liebe Akira's Frisur auf dem Bild, die steht ihm richtig gut! Den Anderen kenne ich leider nicht.

Akira & Ishiguro Hideo

Akira bei der Tokyo Girls Collection

Ich hoffe so sehr dass das die Outfits für die neue Single sind. Die sehen irgendwie so toll aus.


Momona bei der Tokyo Girls Collection

 Momona und Yuuno beim Rumalbern und Akira durfte schön Fotos machen. xD

Yuuno!! *0*

Ich freu mich schon extrem auf die neue Single von ihnen. Ich hoffe die Cover kommen bald raus! Euch aber erstmal noch einen schönen Sonntag! ^-^

Saturday, March 1, 2014

[346]Meine Tokyo Einkäufe Part 2: Süßigkeiten

Dieser Eintrag wird nur ganz kurz, einfach weil ich garnicht so viele Süßigkeiten gekauft habe (und davon hab ich auch vieles noch verschenk). Wobei ich diesmal wesentlich mehr gekauft habe als bei meiner ersten Reise 2009. So was kann man hier tolles sehen, da wäre einem Erdbeer Pocky, was bestimmt die meisten von euch kennen. Kaugumi, der nicht wirklich anders schmeckt als hier. Dann so ein komisches Jelly in fünf verschiedenen geschmackssorten. Das ist eigentlich ganz gut aber Banane und Traube fand ich furchtbar. Koala's mit Milchfüllung, die es bei uns zwar auch gibt aber ich fand die Verpackung so niedlich. Daneben sind so ne komischen Dinge... keine Ahnung wie die heißen aber die sind irgendwie aus Ei und Milch. Ich fand die Packung so niedlich und dachte das könnte schmecken, leider war das garnicht der Fall. Die sind soooooooo eklig. Dann zwei solche Kekssachen mit Milchfüllung bzw. Überzug. Hach ich liebe diese ganzen Milchcreamsachen. So lecker!! Dann noch instant "Purin" das ist japanischen Pudding. Den hab ich eher für meine Mam mitgebracht aber ich werde auch mal kosten. Gemacht hab ich ihn allerdings noch nicht! >-< Dadrüber ist meine Lieblingssüßigkeit zusehen, nämlich Marschmellows mit Erdbeerfüllung. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... lecker!! Ich wünschte ich hätte mehr gekauft und ganz zum Schluss, dadrüber noch gummibärchen. Die haben aber auch ziemlich normal geschmeckt! ^-^
Das war's auch schon wieder, bis zum nächsten Post.~

[345]My Top 30 Japanese Music Releases of February 2014

Vor einigen Tagen habe ich mein neues Top 30 vido hochgeladen. Wer meinen Youtube Chanel nicht kennen sollte, sich sowas aber schon mal gerne angucken würde, hier mal das Video. Viel Spaß beim gucken! Und schreibt mir doch was ihr diesen Monat besonders gut fandet. ^-^

Euch noch einen schönen Samstag!