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Monday, April 28, 2014

[370]Finally got some Chotokkyu cds + new magazine

I am so happy that I finally got myself some Chotokkyu singles. Well those you are able to get outside of HMV. They also realesed 4 other singles. One was a special single that is sold out in most stores and the other three singles you can only get at HMV and I can't buy there since I don't have a credit card. So stupid, why can't they accept paypal from foreigners as well. >-< However. As you can see I got three other releases of them.

I like all singles a lot. Thought my favorite is "Kiss me baby" because I love the songs "No.1" and "Snow Break" a lot. And I also like the other versions songs of the Kiss me baby single and I think I will get the other version someday as well.  For the Ikki single there are other versions as well but I don't like the b-sides for the other versions so much. BUT I love refrain. Such an amazing song. The Bloody Night single is good as well but still, I prefer the Kiss me baby one.

About the design I have to say I love it but I love all their cd designs so far. What I like most about their designs is that nearly every single has one member in focus. Means this member is being in the front in alle the pictures and even in the music video. Like for their first release Yuki has been in focus and in the next single it was Takuya. The only release that didn't really had anyone in focus was "Kiss me baby". Or at least I couldn't see who the member in focus is. By the way for the new single, I guess Ryoga is in the focus.

The design for Kiss me baby was the best as well. As you can see on the picture above, you can unfold the booklet to this poster (right). I love those idears, thought I guess no one would hang up this poster because then the cd would miss the booklet. >_< However, there also comes a card together with this single. It's one out of seven cards you can get. I got Yuki. I am not so happy with this, since I wished for Kai or Takuya or Yusuke but well I like Yuki as well so whatever. Maybe I will get Takuya or Kai with the other two versions I will be someday. xD

Then I also got myself the new Potato. I only got this because of Johnny's WEST debut and because they are being futured on the cover. I am so happy about their debut that I am a sucker for everything related to them at the moment. I even bought a book about them that has been released this month and I also bought the Myojo of june, just 'cause they are on the cover. >-< Gosh. I can't wait for my singles to arrive here. I will be so exremly happy and I can already imagine how I will jump through my room out of joy! xD The WEST part in this magazin was not tha big sadly but it's better then nothing.

There was one other page and a big live/concert part as well but i didn't wanted to take pictures of all pages. I loved this "playback" part. It's funny to see what they looked like back then. Like for example Hamada who joined Kansai Johnny's Jr. back in 2003. He was still 15 back then. ^0^ So cute. Besides there was also a really nice poster in the magazine. I will not put it on my wall because I like the back (with Kansai Jr.) as well and I don't want to ruin it. Have a look at it yourself.

That's it for now. Wish you a great day.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

[369]NEW EXILE member

Iwata Takanori (Sandaime J Soul Brothers), Sato Taiki, Shirahama Alan (GENERATIONS), Sekiguchi Mendy (GENERATIONS) and Yamamoto Sekai

Everyone following EXILE might already know that HIRO is retiring from EXILE. I guess only from the band activities since I he will always be the person behind EXILE and EXILE Tribe. However as you might also know they started Performance Battle Auditions (PBA) again to have new members join EXILE. Today have been the final of the PBA and therefor the new members joing EXILE have been decided. You can see them on the picture above. I am looking forward to see then in the next single which is announced for july and there will be a new EXILE album in august as well. About the new members I am pretty happy. Thought I hope Alan is not going to be overworked now, cause he is staring in movies and dramas and there are also his activities with GENERATIONS. Here comes a picture with all 18 members of EXILE + HIRO.

Just wanted to tell you about the news and now I am wating for "THE RAMPAGE" members to be announced!! *0*

[368][Download]EBiDAN Vol. 2

Artist: Chotokkyu, DISH//, PrizmaX, CustomiZ, EBiDAN Tokyo 39, EBiDAN Osaka 39

Since the magazine is not avalible anymore I dicided to share it with you guys. Again this is an amazing issue and I hope it won't take long for vol. 3 to be announced. Maybe someone could translate some pages. That would be awsome. Oh and I cut out the pages to be able to scan the full pages but sadly the thing I was using to cut didn't always work so well, so there are some pages looking a bit weird on one side. I hope you don't mind. Have fun looing at it.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[367]my latest cds

As you can see, I got Da-iCE latest single Toki. It arrived here last week and gosh I do love it. This really is an amazing single. As shown in the picture I got both versions of the single. The orange one is the cd only version and the blue one comes with a dvd. Also both came with a poster because of being first press. First of I have to mention that I don't like the covers much. They look kinde cheap but after looking at them more often I now don't think of them so bad anymore. Despite the cover I do like the back pictures a lot.

I like that the thing with the numbers. It looks really good. Thought I prefer the blue one a bit more! They all look so handsome in those outifts. I like it. Within the cds there is one other picture. It looks nice as well. Have a look yourself.

That's it for the design. Abou the songs I do like them a lot. On both versions you will finde the song TOKI and the song sign. I like both a lot. They are actuelly quite similar but I don't mind this since I do enjoy those kinde songs. The regular version also comes with an english versio of the song TOKI. I don't enjoy this version as much as the original one. That's not because their english is bad, it's actuelly not that bad, but I just find myself liking the japanese sound for this song a bit more. Here is the short version of the song TOKI.

On the dvd you will find both the full lenght music video for TOKI and the making of. I enjoyed both a lot. I still would like to watch more interaction betwee the members in the making of but it was already better then in the shout it out making of.  Still I am pretty happy that I bought both versions. At least a picture of the poster that came with both versions.

On CDJapan you can still get the dvd version with poster. For everyone intressted here is the link.

And just in case the link for the regular version as well.

Until next time~

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Just some pictures of flowers that I took within the last few days. I love taking pictures of flowers because they always turn out nice since the flowers themselfs are so pretty. So you don't need to be very good with taking photos. xD


[365]Haru is back!!

You already know I love EBiDAN but what most of you might not know is who my favorite EBiDAN trainee is. The reason I never really talked about him is because I have never been 100% sure that he is still a member of EBiDAN. He only appeared in the first few episodes of the Tokyo MX EBiDAN show and even on the EBiDAN blog he only posted around two times last year. After he wasn't shown in the EBiDAN calander as well I was pretty sure he is not with EBiDAN anymore but today (22nd April 2014) he finally wrote an entry on the EBiDAN blog again. Telling that he had to do a lot for school like exams and all and therefor couldn't be active in EBiDAN but he will start being active again. Gosh I am sooooo happy. And I can't wait to see more of him again. Here are the pictures he posted with the entry. I really hope he will be more shown from now on. I missed that little cutie pie.

[364]w-inds. new single in june

I just saw it. W-inds. are going to finally release a new single on the 11th June of 2014. It's their 33rd single. They have been doing music for so long already, it's amazing. I am very much looking forward to this single. The picture above shows the theme for it. For me it seem's to be a summerish single and I LOVE their summerish songs / music videos. The covers and tracklist still hasn't been released but it was anounced that there will be two dvd versions and one regular version. I will write here as soon as I get to know more information about the new single.

You can pre-order your versions here ->

so far, bye~

Sunday, April 13, 2014

[362]EBiDAN Osaka 39

If you're a fan of EBiDAN and the EBiDAN trainess then you might know that at the begining of this year EBiDAN strated to do auditions for their trainee groups again. The auditions started in february and are still going on. First of they casted members for the Tokyo 39 trainee group but they also searched for people for a new trainee group called Osaka 39. There are already a few official trainees for the new group. Thought the auditions are still going on. There will be auditions in April and May as well. Lately they even anounced another trainee group. This one will be called Nagoya 39.
It looks like EBiDAN is doing very well, otherwise they wouldn't have opened two other trainee groups. I am pretty happy about this so today I decided to give you a few informations about Osaka 39.
Right now EBiDAN Osaka 39 has 16 official members.

 In generell there are more older members in Osaka 39 then in Tokyo 39. It's even so that for the Tokyo 39 auditions they only search for boys not older then the third year of middle school but for Osaka 39 and Nagoya 39 they search for boys not older then the second year of high school. It's weird. But whatever.
So far Osaka 39 appeared in the EBiDAN calender 2014.04 - 2015.03 and in the magazine EBiDAN Vol. 2. I still didn't recived my copy of the magazine so hopefully I can tell you more about them when I get it.
What else. The older ones in the group are mostly seen together. I guess they will be a unit someday. So far the one with the most spotlight is Sano Hayato (my so far favorite xD) but I guess their real activities will start when the auditions finally ended. I can't wait to see more of them. Here are some other pictures.

 And at least a picture of Hayato. Just 'cause he is so pretty! xD

That's it for now. Wish you all a great day. bye~