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Friday, May 30, 2014

[378]Got some THE possible things *0*

Since febuary I am getting more and more into the band "THE possible" and therefor I wanted to buy some things of them. Around the beginning of mai someone told me about a facebook group where people can buy things for you on Yahoo Auctions Japan. I looked this site up and found someone who bought me things of the website. I felt like in heaven because I could get everything sooooooo much cheaper and I even got things I can't get otherwise. Like e.g. I bought two photobooks of THE possible. I got one of them for only 10円. With shipping and some fee it was about 400 円. Still so cheap. Let's take a look into the package.

Look how everything is packed so well. There was so much bubble wrap in this packeg. Really crazy. Besides the only non-THE possible related item in this package was a free cd of Girl's Whip. Let's see what actuelly has been in the package.

Single by Girl's Whip
Yuki Superball single by THE possible
Young Days single by THE possible (their first indie single)
THE possible in Okinawa Dvd
1st and 2nd Music Video Dvds
AND two photobooks by THE possible

Isn't this one photobook super huge. I was freaking out when I first saw it. It's so damn HUGE. There are sooooo many nice photos in both photobooks. I am so happy I got this even though the photobooks are the reason that this package was extremly expensive to ship. I had to pay 7000円 for the shipping. That was crazy. But it was still worth it because I own those things now and they are amazing and I am really happy. Here is a better picture of the dvds I bought.

I already watched all the dvds. They were really nice to watch! All members are so cute and I LOVE the music videos of them. My favorite ones are young days and the one of Hashimon and Akkyan. Ok that's actuelly everything for now. I will put many pictures of the photobooks under the cut so definitly check them out. Between I am a bit Hashimon biased but don't mind! xD

[377]Dream5 - Summer Rainbow ♥

Dream5 released a new song called "Summer Rainbow" as a digital single. You can buy this song on different japanese online music stores, including itunes. Sadly I am not able to buy the song (the burden of an international fan) but at least I am able to listen to the preview of it. The longest preview I heard so far is the one on the recochoku website. Listen to the preview yourself. 

The song will be on an upcoming music card. Well it's said that the music card will be released in november so it's still a long time. Despite Summer Rainbow there will also be another song but the titel hasn't been anounced so far. About Summer Rainbow, the song is used for an advertising (McSister cm again) and the song is sooooooo goood. It's one of their best songs in month. I love it a lot. AND therefor I hope the song will not only be on a music card, since I can't use those anyway but also be on a real cd.
In generell I hope they will release a new single this year as well. They have done so well lately I don't want them to release less. I would miss them so much. >-<
However I am still very happy about the new song and therefor here are some pictures of my babies!! ^0^

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

[375]Top 5 Jpop female singer

Here comes the list with my top 5 japanese singer. I love them all so I didn't put them in an order. Besides the list changed a lot within the years, despite Emi Hinouchi who is one of my early days favoite artists. I hope you enjoy the list and if you like tell me your top 5. I would like to know them! ^-^

[Emi Hinouchi]

Emi Hinouchi released her debut single "magic" back in November of 2002. Untill then she never really got the attention she should have because she is so talented and an amazing singer. She often writes songs for other artists including Ami Suzuki's Reincarnation and 6 songs of M-Flo's Cosmicolor album. However her own songs are still the best. I enjoy her music alot since many years already but sadly she is not very active, never was and I think never will. She often sings live but that's something a fan outside of Japan won't be able to see unless they have a lot of money to travel there just for a live performance of her and I don't sadly! Still I am a big fan of her!! Besides it's pretty hard to tell what my favorite song of her is since I love many of her songs but I would say I like O'kay and Kataomoi the most.

[Chieco Kawabe]

Chieco Kawabe is not active anymore. She released her debut single "Be Your Girl" in April 2004. Her latest single "Sakura Kiss" has been released in 2006 and since 2010 she is officialy not active anymore. I like her music a lot it's always fun to listen to her songs. Also she is so cute. She is a very lovable person and well a great singer. I hope someday she will come back to the music scene.


fumika is active since 2011. I got to know her when she released her first album "Pop Sister" back in last year. She has an incredible voice and appearence. I love her music. So far there is no song I don't like. Also I hope she is being more active in the future and will gain more popularity. So far my favorite Song of her is "Tooku Tooku".


Hiromi is definitly on the top of this list. Her voice has this amazing soul feeling to it that I love so much. Also this little woman has such a great and strong voice. Her songs show off her voice very well, especially the song "I Need You ~Aisaretai ~". You guys have to listen to that song. Thought her most famous song until know is YES. Both songs show off that she can do both slow, emotional songs and fun, danceable songs. Besides my favorite song of her is her colloboration with Emi Hinouchi. The song is called More & More. I hope she will release something again in the near future.


ARIA former known as Asuka in her early days is an RnB singer from Japan. I first got to know her when the music video for "burning love" has been released. I fell in love with this song on first listen and still love it a lot but for ARIA herself I didn't like her other music back then but some time later I got to know her "NEXT DOOR" and also fell for this song on first listen from that day on I started to listen to more and more songs of her and know I enjoy her music quite often and love listening to nearly everything she released so far. Some of my favorites of her are "NOT OVER" and "Departure".

The following Artist does not belong to the list but has to be mention anyway!

I guess many of you know her. It's Koda Kumi. She has to be mentiond because she will always have a special place in my heart, even if I am not listening to her much anymore and I am not buying any cds of her anymore but she was my first JPop love. I loved her so much for many years. Also she was the one really getting me into JPop. The first ever JPop cd I bought myself was the Black Cherry album of her (even though it was a bootleg and I didn't knew that >-<) and she is the only artist I ever bought a calender of. I still like to listen to her songs especially the good old songs I used to love so much thought I always try to watch her new music videos as well. Some of my favorite songs of her are "Unmei", "Shake it", "Anytime", "Butterfly" and "Chase" and many more.

Other female artist I like include: Sowelu, YU-A, Ami Suzuki, Kitano Kii, as, Ayaka, AZU, Jamosa, Hitomi, ERIKA, Yuna Ito, Rihwa, Shoko Nakagawa, Ms OOJA, jya-Me, Erika Hashimoto, Maki Goto, Leah Dizon, melody., Ai Otsuka, Kato Miliyah, Aya Kamiki, Utada Hikrau, May J.

That's it already. I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

[374]japanese magazines??!

The whole last month I was looking through all kinde japanese fashion magazines. Well known ones like Se7enteen, non-no, Kera and Popteen and more unkown ones like mer, Used Mix and Seda. For everyone intressted here are all the magazines I had a look at.

ar, Bijin, CanCam, CUTiE, egg, Happie Nuts, Jelly, Jille, JJ, Kera, mer, mina, more, non-no, Popteen, Ranzuki, Ray, SCawaii, Se7enteen, Seda, Spoon, Spring, Sweet, Used Mix, Vivi, with, Zipper (these are all as far as I remember)

I did this because I love japanese fashion and fashion magazines and I would like to have one magezine I always buy and that mostly shows of the fashion and trends I do enjoy and like. There are many great fashion magazines out there in Japan, way more than I looked at. It was really hard to choose which magazine I should give a try because buying japanese magazines outside of Japan is pretty excpensive because of the shipping cost and therefor I can't try out every single magazine I would like to. However at the end I dicided to get myself a copy of only two of the magazines. The first was Used Mix and the second was ar. Both are quite unknown outside Japan, I guess because I never read of them somewhere before. I got the Used Mixed one first but sadly I didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped and therefor I will not buy it again. A week later I also got my copy of the may version of ar and what to say. It was love on first sight. I like this magazine a lot. Not only do I like many of the fashion in it but I also love the photos in it themselfs. There are lots of great photoshots done for this magazine. Besides they had great hair styles and nice make up pages and I enjoy that there are lot's of make up inspirations without fake eyelashes because I am not a big fan of them. So here are a few scans of the magazine. They didn't turn out so well but I hope you don't mind. >-<

I like the fashion in this magazine because it's simple but not boring. Also it has a fresh feeling to it and of 'cours it's my tast in fashion. Maybe I will show you some pages of the magazine once a while from now on. Do you have a magazine you enjoy regular? Please tell me!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[373]some new JPop songs

[Kus Kus - Koi Moyou]

Finally a second single from Kus Kus. The song is not as good as their debut release Suteki na Takaramono but it's still a good song. It's such an adorable song. I am happy they released something else again, it took over half a year for this release!! >-< I hope the next one will be faster. And gosh, I really wanna have one of the upper cute umbrellas!! *0*

[w-inds. - Yume de Aeru no ni ~Sometimes I cry~]

This song is very beautiful. It's a cover of Eric Benet's Sometimes I cry. BUT I wish Keitas voice wouldn't be so extremly high in this song. I mean I love his voice and I know he often sings very high but I think it would have suited the song better if he would have sung it not that high. However it's still a nice song.

[Ketsumeishi - Rhythem of the Sun]

Gosh I love their summer songs! This one is good as well, thought for this season I like their Californie best.

[J Soul Brothers - R.Y.U.S.E.I.]

Great Up Beat song by them, amazing pictures video like always. And oh my gosh, IWATA is sooooo hot!! >-< Ok they are all good looking but Iwata is just so SO SO hwat!!! XD

[Fairies - Super Hero]

Wow, I didn't excpect Sora to be such a good rapper. She is awsome but they all are and this song is sooooo damn good!! It sounds so much different to their usuell songs. Not so much techno influens I guess. I love it!

 [Happiness - JUICY LOVE]

This song is definitly my favorite release of may and by far my favorite song of Happiness. This song is catchy, up.beat, makes you wanna dance and sing along and gives you super good mood. Perfect song in my point of view. And the video is awsome as well. Great clothes and dance!! Besides Anna and Sayaka looking perfet like always!!

[EXILE Shokichi - Back to the Future]

 Amazing debut, I didn't excpect that!

[FLOWER -  Nettaigyo no Namida] 

Beautiful song and music video. They never disappoint.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

[372]more cds

Johnnys WEST - Eejanaika
Johnnys WEST - Eejanaika [Dvd Ver. A]
Johnnys WEST - Eejanaika [Dvd Ver. B]
Johnnys WEST - Eejanaika [Dvd Ver. C]
palet - Keep on Lovin' You Ver. A with Dvd
palet - Keep on Lovin' You Ver. B
palet - Keep on Lovin' YouVer. C
Dream5 - Break Out [Dvd Ver.]
Twenty4-7 - One [Dvd Ver.]
as - and song
GENERATIONS - Never Let You Go [Dvd Ver.]

I bought quite a lot lately. Way too much actuelly, so I decided to buy no new cds for the next 3 month. I hope I will be able to do so. >-< However about the cd's I bought I love every single one. I got most of them from CDJapan but I also got two from amazon.

Maybe some of you know that Johnnys WEST had their debut at the end of April. I am/was a big 7WEST fan and since all 7WEST members are in Johnnys WEST now, I had to get all versions of their debut single. I am soooooo happy about this debut. And I love every version. The songs are amazing. They are fun songs. And the dvd's are nice as well. Ver. A comes with a look into their Hello Tokyo concert and version B comes with some making of and talking about their latest movie and the version C comes with the music video and it's making of. AND there are pictures in every booklet. So awsome.

Also every first press version comes with a different poster. I love all 4 posters. I am so looking forward to the second single. I hope it will be as awsome as this release.

Then I got all three versions of the new single of palet. I love them so much and since I regret not buying all versions of their first major single, I decided to buy all of their second single. The design is upper cute. They look awsome. About the cards I am a bit unhappy. Well I love all of them but I would have prefferd a card of Makki, Ri-chan or Yui. At least I also got a card with all of them. The songs are good as well. Thought I like their first major single better.

Next are the new Dream5 and GENERATIONS singles. I am kinde disapointed in the new single of Dream5. The songs are good but it's the first release in a while that doesn't come with a poster and a photo. I hope they put at least a photo in the next single again. This time you can get a card with the first press. It's a card for a japanese childs game. Also I don't like the design for this single so much. The cover looks ok and I like the design with the stripes but I am absolutly not a fan of the anime theme. But what ever. I hope the next will be better again. About the GENERATIONS single I like it a lot. The songs and design are really awsome and it even comes with a postcard of them. That's way better then the stickers you got with the other singles. xD

The last two cd's are alben. First of the album One of twenty4-7 and the second album is and song of as. I love both. Besides and song is the only album of as, since she died some time later. It's really sad 'cause her msic was really good and of 'course it's always sad when someone dies, especially when they are still so young. However this album is awsome and the album of twenty4-7 is awsome as well.

That's it already. bye~

Thursday, May 1, 2014

[371]new cds, again~

As you can see on the picture above I got some new cds again. First of I got the two versions of the latest PrizmaX singles. I had to get them since I love this band. Both come with a different b-side track. The left one comes with the song find the way and the right one with the song never. I do LOVE never. This song is super amazing. Find the way is also a good song and I like the main track take me a lot as well but I can definitly say that I love never the most. Then I also got the debut single by SOLIDEMO. It comes with the songs the one and next to you. I like both songs a lot. I got the dvd version. It comes with the music video and a making of. I love the video and the making of is ok. Therefore I have to show you a picture of the music video I made a while ago.

The last cd I got is the mini album Pheromone by ARIA. I got the dvd version of the mini album for only 8,40€ (incl. shipping) on amazon. And it was new not used. I am such a lucky girl for finding it for this price. In generell I have to say it's amazing how many cd's I was able to find on amazon. Like for example I was searching the dvd versio of emi hinouchi's album Me... and never found it so far but they had it listed on amazon and there were the alben of AS and Chieco Kawabe that I wanted to have for so long already and couldn't find those anywhere but I found it on amazon just a few days ago. I am sooooo happy.

However about the ARIA mini album. I do enjoy this one a lot. My two favorite songs of this mini album are definitly burning love and tokyo tokyo. Those two are super awsome songs. But I like candy night a lot as well. The other three songs are called spotlight, mad 'bout you and star child. They are good but not special. 


Tell me how you like the songs! ^0^
The dvd of ARIA's mini album comes with the music video of burning love and a live performance of not over. I love both. *0* The burning love music video is super pretty. She looks so pretty in the kimono and even in this kimino-stlye outfit. Same goes for the outfit of ANTY. I love this old Japan style of the music video and how the whole video suites to the up beat rythem of the song. Very awsome. And the live perfromance is great as well. Not over is one of her greatest songs and the performance is amazing. Even thought I had the feeling her micro haven't been function very well 'cause her voice did sound pretty low. Still it was a good performance.

Just shortly about the design. I like them all. That's it what I have to say about them. xD
That's it again. 'Till next time~