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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[373]some new JPop songs

[Kus Kus - Koi Moyou]

Finally a second single from Kus Kus. The song is not as good as their debut release Suteki na Takaramono but it's still a good song. It's such an adorable song. I am happy they released something else again, it took over half a year for this release!! >-< I hope the next one will be faster. And gosh, I really wanna have one of the upper cute umbrellas!! *0*

[w-inds. - Yume de Aeru no ni ~Sometimes I cry~]

This song is very beautiful. It's a cover of Eric Benet's Sometimes I cry. BUT I wish Keitas voice wouldn't be so extremly high in this song. I mean I love his voice and I know he often sings very high but I think it would have suited the song better if he would have sung it not that high. However it's still a nice song.

[Ketsumeishi - Rhythem of the Sun]

Gosh I love their summer songs! This one is good as well, thought for this season I like their Californie best.

[J Soul Brothers - R.Y.U.S.E.I.]

Great Up Beat song by them, amazing pictures video like always. And oh my gosh, IWATA is sooooo hot!! >-< Ok they are all good looking but Iwata is just so SO SO hwat!!! XD

[Fairies - Super Hero]

Wow, I didn't excpect Sora to be such a good rapper. She is awsome but they all are and this song is sooooo damn good!! It sounds so much different to their usuell songs. Not so much techno influens I guess. I love it!

 [Happiness - JUICY LOVE]

This song is definitly my favorite release of may and by far my favorite song of Happiness. This song is catchy, up.beat, makes you wanna dance and sing along and gives you super good mood. Perfect song in my point of view. And the video is awsome as well. Great clothes and dance!! Besides Anna and Sayaka looking perfet like always!!

[EXILE Shokichi - Back to the Future]

 Amazing debut, I didn't excpect that!

[FLOWER -  Nettaigyo no Namida] 

Beautiful song and music video. They never disappoint.

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