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Sunday, June 22, 2014

[385]my new gets

As you can see I didn't only bought cd's this time. I also got myself some new kobayashi cooling strips. Those are special ones, they are longer then the usual ones and ar perfect for the neck. I didn't try them so far but I am looking forward to use them on a hot day. 
I also got myself ROHTO Lycee eyedrops again. I love those for quite some time now but didn't bought new ones after my old ones got empty because I didn't had money back then. >-< But I finally own them again and they are as amazing as I remember them to be. The drops are super refreshing and the eye looks much more relieved after using them. I recommend them a lot. Besides these are the ones for non contact lense users. However just wanted to tell you about them. ^-^

Of course I also got myself some new cds. They are all used and have been very cheap. I love every single one of them. And I finally own some cd's of 9nine know. I like them more and more and really enjoy their music lately. Besides the Fairies cd's all come with dvd an still have been sooo cheap. It's great.

I was happy to see that some of them even came with the first press cards. It's only three but that's still amazing. I didn't even know that there has been a card with te Kazoku he no Tegami single by THE possible. It was a very nice supprise.

It's the first time but I also got myself some idol photos/cards this time. Some of them have been very expensive but it's a once in a while thing for me to do anyway. As you can see I bought pictures of THE possible, mostly of Hashimon. Well she is my favorite member. Here are all pictures.

They are all really cute but Hashimon is the best! *0*

At least I also got those two dvd's of THE possible. I didn't watch them so far and I don't know when I will but I guess it will be mostly gravur videos so it's not like I will miss something! ^-^
Wish you all a great day, bye~

Thursday, June 12, 2014

[383]Harajuku Idol Shops

If you ever went to along the Takeshita Dori in Harajuku, you will definitly have recognized shops like the above. Nearly all of them lead down a staircase and are coverd in pictures of famous japanese idols. You can see it pretty well in this picture.

You often se JE artists like for example NEWS, Arashi and Kis-My-Ft2 but also bands like AAA or famous female singer like Namie Amuro. Inside the stores you will find different things. Sometimes uchiwa, keychains, notebooks, posters and many other things with your favorite singer or bands on it. All of the things sold there are unofficial goods. However what you can also always get in the shops are unofficial paparazi pictures. and gosh there are so many amazing pictures.

there are keychains inside, one for 200en

lots of lots of photos
In this shop they had photos of so many different bands and singer. There have been pictures of Koda Kumi, E-Girls, Kana Nishino, AAA, JRock artists, J Soul Brothers, EXILE, JE artists and of course also Johnny's Jr. and even more. Every picture had a number. You had to write down which number you want and after you finished choosing, you could go to the back. There was a women behind wall, only a small part was open to look trough and to give her the piece of paper with the numbers on it. Then she will get the photos you want, shows them to you again and if you agreed you can pay and leave with the greatness of pictures you just bought. They are 150en a picture so not very cheap. I only bought 4 pictures because I already spend much on pictures in the Johnny's shop. >-<

That's it already. Did you ever went into such an idol shop?

[382]palet new single + new member

Palet will release their 3rd major debut single on th 27th August 2014 and it will be called "Victory". There will be three versions of the single. Type A is the dvd version with music video and type B and C will have a different B-side track, thought type A will have all both B-side tracks as well. I am happy with them releasing something again. That means they are doing well. Besides you can listen to the new song already.

AND some other big news. palet is having a new member. So they are 7 members again becasuse when they had their indie debut they have been 7 members as well. But it's not like the member returned it's really a new member. To be honest I was pretty shocked about these news and I still don't really know what to think about it. However here is a picture of her.

Her name is Yumi but she is mostly called Yuyu. As you can see on the picture her color is green. I guess they got her into the band because of her singing. She is already having big singing parts in the new song. Her voice is good but somehow this new song is not so much uniqu like their former songs have been. But I have to admit I still like the new song a lot. I am looking forward to watch the music video and making of to see how they interact with each other.
Under the cut will be the new profile pictures of the other members. Please check them out.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

[379]ar 06.2014

I got the magazine a while ago but finally made some scanns of it. Still really love this magazine a lot. This time it was a body version, means there have been pages about diet's, sport and healthy food. Of course fashion, make up and hair still has been in this issue. However here are some of my favorite pages.

That's it already. Thanks for watching.