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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[397]more new JMusic songs...

Here comes my next post with new japanese music releases. I like all of those songs maybe some a bit more and other less but I like them all. Here they are. There is no order to them.

[PrizmaX - Reborn]

Reborn is one of their more serious songs. It's a pretty good song but Daiki's rap part is definitly too short and sometimes I don't like the english parts of the song so much but the song also has a lot of really nice parts. So it's still a great song. The music video is very dark but great. No fun parts this time but therefor Win looks so good with his new blond hair. But Yuuki got so skinny. Why oh why!! >-<

[Jamosa - Love Ain't Easy]

I love her music for quite some years now and she still does release songs I love. Again, this is a very beautiful song. Her voice is so amazing. The video is ok. It's very dark and not super intressting. >-<

[TAMTAM - Enter Key]

It's not like I do follow this band but somehow as soon as I get to know there is a new song of them I have to listen to it. There is something special about the singers voice and her way of singing that I enjoy and love a lot. Enter Key is a good song that get's even better because of the singer. Just really awsome. Besides the music video is also very nice. Super cute end and somehow great way of telling a story.

[PASSPO - Himawari] 

Himawari is not their best song in my point of view but it's a cute song that I do like. The music video is very cute and all of them looking so pretty, especially Shiori!! Gosh she will always be my favorite member of PASSPO!! \\(*0*)//

[Party Rockets - Kasabuta]

I don't know any of their other songs. This was actuelly the first song of them I listend to, I believe! >-< Just from the first pictue I wasn't excpecting much but the song is actuelly really good. It has a rockish tune and is really nice. The music video is boring but whatever as long as the song is great everything is fine.

So, that's it already. Maybe you like some of these songs as well. If you want you can write me a comment which you like. Until then, bye~

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