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Thursday, September 4, 2014

[399]Hey! Say! JUMP - Asu e no Yell / Weekender PV's (or why I love JUMP more then Sexy Zone and Kis-My-Ft2)

I just watched the music videos for the new single of Hey! Say! JUMP. Both songs are really awsome. And it's really amazing that they started to release cds regular. I was hopeing for that to happen but didn't trust the situation until now. Now I am super happy about all those new releases. (Thought I still didn't bought the new album! >-<) However I actuelly just wanted to show you the music videos.

One of the many things I love about JUMP is that even though there are so many members in this band (9 to be exact) it doesn't feel like some of them are just back dancers or decoration, like it does in Kis-My-Ft2 and Sexy Zone. Of course there will always be a few people in the center, because they are the most popular or what ever other reason there is BUT the big difference is that in Kis-My-Ft2 and Sexy Zone it feels like the seperation is on purpose. You can see it with the difference in their clothes and that it's always the same persons dancing in the back and some nearly never have solo screen time. That makes me so sad and even mad and that's one reason why I love JUMP for many years but started to loose intressed in Kis-My-Ft2 and Sexy Zone after just a while. JUMP shows us ones again how it is supposed to be and how it can work and that there are no excuses to seperation in bands. And I don't say that because I don't like Kis-My-Ft2 and Sexy Zone. That's absolutly not true. I actuelly like(d) them a lot. For around 2 years Kis-My-Ft2 has been my favorite band but there was a time I couldn't stand this whole separation anymore and my love for them faded away. As for Sexy Zone I do like them since their debut but with the time going they started to seperate the band more an more and now that they release a single as just three members (of actuelly 5) they finally hit the peak. That's the point I will not follow them anymore. I am just super sad and angry about this. It's so cruel towards So and Marius and I can't describe how disapointed I am in them. But maybe you can't compare those two bands with JUMP because the members within the bands are not as close as the JUMP members are or there are just too many egoistic people in them so they don't allow the others to get as much attention as they get. I don't know. I just wished that both Sexy Zone and Kis-My-Ft2 would be a bit more like JUMP but I am pretty sure that won't happen.
That's it already. I wish you all a great day. bye~


  1. I feel like a complete fail as a fan because I totally missed out on this Single even beeing released :D
    It's been some time since I actively followed JUMP and I feel really bad about that because I still love them! (Although I think their last Album wasn't the greatest)
    I need to buy this single when I'm leaving for Japan in two weeks!
    I hope I still can get the limited Editions somewhere though :/
    And I totally agree on what you wrote about member seperation! I'm just so glad, that JUMP got the cut with over-centering Yamada so that now the attention is back to being divided again :3
    I think I like Asu e no Yell better than Weekender.
    But as soon as his Drama ends, Yuto has to go back being dark haired again! Please! Blonde doesn't fit him imo.

    1. I wish you luck with getting the limited versions when you're in Japan. ^-^
      For me I like Weekender more. xD Funny, how tast can be so different. xD
      And yeah, the blond looks no goood on him. >0<

  2. At first I liked Asu e no Yell more than Weekender, but now I ℒℴѵℯ them equally.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one. I loved Kis-My-Ft2 and Sexy Zone so much before, but that love has faded substantially, sadly. I love Marius and So just as much as Fuma, Kento, and Shori. It breaks my heart. I don't even look at their PV's anymore. (๑•́₋•̩̥̀๑)

    1. I think a lot of people feel the same as us regarding the separation in Kisumai and SZ. I is something that has been discussed so many times but it doesn't seem to help! At least JUMP isn't like that and I am 120% sure that this will never happen to JUMP. They are just too close to do that. Besides same goes for Johnny's WEST. I am so happy that there is absolutly no separation in the band but I guess that's also because the members are very close to each other. Seems like that's what is missing in SZ and Kisumai! >-<

  3. Oops~! I'm sorry if I commented the same comment over and over. (๑•́ ω •̀๑)
    I was wondering why it wasn't showing, but I understand now. ごめん(///∇///)

    1. No problem, I deleted the other comments! (^-^)