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Saturday, September 20, 2014

[406][JMusic]Top 15 releases 09.2014

I once did this as a video on my youtube chanel but because of copy right the videos have been deleted after some time and I stopped doing those lists but now I will start doing them again. I will link the music videos so you can watch them. I hope you like some of the songs. So here comes my first list. This one is for September 2014. Have fun taking a look.

[#15 color-code - I Like Dat]

[#14 CHIHIRO - Reset]

[#13 chelsy - I Will]

[#12 etsuco - Ambitious]

[#11 Usagi - Koko Kara]

[#10 Yuma Nakayama - Butterfly]

[#09 HR - Kibo no Tsubomi]

[#08 PrizmaX - Reborn]

[#07 Hey! Say! JUMP - Weekender] 

[#06 JAMOSA - Love Ain't Easy]

 go under the cut to see my top 5

[#05 GENERATIONS - Always With You]

[#04 Yu Sakai - Summer Again]

[#03 SOLIDEMO - Gimi Gimi Love]

[#02 WHITE JAM - Usotsuki]

[#01 AKLO - RGTO feat. SALU, Haganeda Teflon & K DUB SHINE] 

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