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Saturday, October 11, 2014

[420]"Sukitte ii na yo" out on DVD

Sukitte ii na yo is finally being released on DVD. You can already pre-order the dvd on CDJapan and similar stores. There will be a regular edition and a premium edition of the dvd. The premium edition comes with a slipcase, photobook, special card and bonus disc with making of and special footage. I can't wait to watch this movie, even without subs! It will be out on the 3rd December 2014. Still so long but at least I finally also ordered the L-DK movie on dvd and hopefully will recieve it soon!! *0*
Is anyone of you buying it as well?

[419] palet new single in December *0*

It was announced just today that palet will release their 4th single this year on the 10th December. The single be called "Snow Distance" and comes in 4 versions. A dvd version and three regular versions with always just 2 or three members. The B-Side track is "Shake my Soul". I am looking forward to listen to the songs. I have high hopes, 'cause I think it could be similar to "Winter Love Memories" and I LOVE this song!! *0*
And for the theme I can already say that I love it as well. All of them looking so pretty and cute and the dresses are so adorable and pretty. I am really excited!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

[418][JMusic][Collection] THE possible /incomplete

THE possible released their first single "young days" as a six member band in November 2006 while being under Hello! Project. At the end of 2007 they all left H!P and joined "NICE GIRL PROJECT".  In April 2008 they released their first major single called Kazoku he no Tegami. Member Kaede Ohse left the band in August 2009 so she can focus on her studies. 

supporting since: February 2014
favorite member: Hashimoto Aina (Hashimon)
favorite song: Hatsukoi no Kakera


young DAYS!!

Shushoku = GOHAN no Uta

Kazoku he no Tegami

Kazoku he no Tegami CD+DVD

Ijiwaru Crazy love CD+DVD

Shiawase no Katachi

Shiawase no Katachi CD+DVD

family ~Tabidachi no Asa~

family ~Tabidachi no Asa~ CD+DVD

Watashi no Miryoku / LOVE² Paradise

Watashi no Miryoku / LOVE² Paradise CD+DVD Ver. A

Watashi no Miryoku / LOVE² Paradise CD+DVD Ver. B

Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! /First Press + card

Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! Hashimon Ver. /First Press + Card

Otome! Be Ambitious! Hashimon Ver. /First Press + card

Otome! Be Ambitious! Akkyan Ver. /First Press + card

Yuki Superball!

  • Hatsukoi no Kakera ORDERED
  • Kingyo Sukui to Hanabitaikai
  • Natsu no Tropical Musume
  • Kaze no Uwasa ORDERED
  • Happy 15 ORDERED
  • Love Message
  • Shiawase Hanabi Go Go Go! (Live Single)
  • Kibou to Saishun no Hikari ~ Kamon! Pica Pica!~ (Live Single)
  • Sakurairo no Romatic (Live Single)
  • Nanjakorya!? Hashimon Ver. ORDERED
  • Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! (Live Single)


Kyuukyoku no THE possible Best Album Collection

  • Be Possible ORDERED
  • 6th year Start ORDERED
  • Shiawase no Akashi
  • Aratamemashite, THE possible desu! ~Nyuumon Hen Best~ ORDERED
  • 1116 ORDERED


Single V Clips

Hajimete no Mizugi DE Possible

Bari Bari Mizugi DE possible ~A Team~

Bari Bari Mizugi DE possible ~B Team~

Single V Clips 2

  • THE possible 2008 Toki ~SEXY Generation~
  • THE possible Live 2009 Haru ~Shiawase no Katachi, Kansha no Katachi~
  • THE possible 5 Shuunen Kinen
  • THE possible Tandoku Live 2012 Shiawase no Akashi
  • THE possible Tokyo & Nagoya Live Tour 2013 Shoubu
  • Zenryoku Banzai! My Movie!


Kyapi Kyapi Possible

Doki Doki Possible

Bari Bari Mizugi DE Possible

missing: /