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Saturday, November 29, 2014

[423]EBiDAN new Units

Awsome news everyone! EBiDAN announced two new units and this time they will have physical cd releases. Let's start with the one that already is selling it's 1st single. The Unit is called "Sakurashimeji" (さくらしめじ) and is consisting of the EBiDAN members Gaku Tanaka (born 2002.01.24) and Hyouga Takada (born 2001.10.23). Here is a picture of them.

Gaku (l.) & Hyouga (r.)
They released a double A-Side single which is called "Ikujinashi / Kinou nu Yume"  (いくじなし / きのうのゆめ). There is no B-Side track in the single. That bad thing for all of us foreign fans is, that the single is only sold at their events which means people not living in Japan won't be able to buy it. I am a little sad about this but since I never have been interessted in those two too much it's ok. At least here is the cover of the single.

Then let's move on to the other new unit. It's called M!LK and I am looking forward to this unit way more. I mean there is Jinto, Sano and Mizuki in it. That's really awsome! And I also like Daichi and Haruki so I am really happy about this announcement. Thought there are still many other EBiDAN trainees I want to get a cd release of. However here is a picture of M!LK.

(from left to right) (upper row) Hayato Sano, Mizuki Itagaki (bottom row) Haruki Yamazaki, Daichi Shiozaki, Jinto Yoshida

So far not much regarding them has been announced only that the cd will be released in March 2015 and the song will be used as the ending theme for the anime "Pankisu!", which will start to air in January 2015. I will post profiles of the members soon too 'cause I find it really hard to find english information about them online. However I hope we will be able to buy this cd at cdjapan or at least at HMV so I will be able to buy it. More info will come as soon as it's availible!! ^-^
And here is the already released ending of the anime with the song of them.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

[422][JMusic]Top 15 releases 10.2014

It took some time but now I finally finished my Top 15 list for october 2014. Have fun watching the videos and if you want tell me your favoites of october.

[#15 Himari - Sakamichi ~Graduation~]

[#14 DIVA - Discovery]

[#13 KERAKERA - Kerakera Janken]

[#12 Yun*chi - Wonderful Wonder World] 

[#11 V6 - Sky's The Limit]

[#10 Kana Nishino - Suki]

[#09 Ikimonogakari - Netsujou no Spectrum]

[#08 Johnny's WEST - Zipangu Ooki ni Daisakusen]

[#07 The Sketchbook - Reason]

[#06 Yamashita Tomohisa - Your Step]

Go under the cut for my top 5!

[421] JPop haul gets~

So here is everything I got within the last 1 1/2 month. I love everything but especially the Da-iCE album and concert DVD! It's really so extremly awsome and I am so happy I bought it!

AAA - Eight Wonder 2CD+DVD
AAA - Eight Wonder Concert DVD
Da-iCE - I'll be back CD+T-Shirt
Da-iCE - Hush Hush CD+DVD
Da-iCE - Fight Back
Da-iCE - Fight Back CD+DVD Ver. A
Da-iCE - Fight Back CD+DVD Ver. B
Da-iCE - Live Tour 2014 -PHASE 2- Concert DVD
Flower - Nettaigyo no Namida CD+DVD
EXILE TRIBE - The Revolution CD+DVD
Hey! Say! JUMP - Smart regular first press with 2 CDs
Johnny's WEST - go WEST Yoidon!
Johnny's WEST - go WEST Yoidon! CD+DVD
Johnny's WEST - Zipangu Ookini Daisakusen / Yume wo Dakishimete
Johnny's WEST -Zipangu Ookini Daisakusen / Yume wo Dakishimete CD+DVD Ver. A
Johnny's WEST -Yume wo Dakishimete / Zipangu Ookini Daisakusen CD+DVD Ver. B
Johnny's WEST -Zipangu Ookini Daisakusen / Yume wo Dakishimete CD+Booklet Ver. C
palet - Belive in Yourself Ver. B
palet - Belive in Yourself Ver. C
palet - Belive in Yourself Ver. D with photo booklet
PrizmaX - Reborn black ver.
PrizmaX - Reborn yellow ver.
PrizmaX - Reborn red ver.
Rihwa - Borderless CD+DVD

THE possible - 6th year Start
THE possible - Aratamemashite, THE possible desu! ~Nyuumon Hen Best~
THE possible - 1116 Limited Edition
Vimclip - Sex You Up Ver. B
Yuma Nakayama - Get Up! CD+DVD Ver. A
Yuma Nakayama - Get Up! CD+DVD Ver. B
Yamazaki Kento first Photobook
GENERATIONS first Photobook
Sharehouse + You Photobook

Yay that's it! I don't think I will do reviews for each item but maybe for some. You are intressted in anything? Besides there already is a winner of the Da-iCE giveaway but lately I don't really have much time so I will announce the winner sometimes around next weekend. ^-^ Sorry for the delay!