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Thursday, December 31, 2015

[436] my JMusic cd collection 2015

As usual here is my post about my jpop collection. This time including dvds as well.
Because I was too lazy to take pictures of my whole collection I will only share pictures of the stuff I recieved/bought in 2015. If anyone is intressed in what my collection looked like before here is the 2014 post.

So again I bought a lot this year, not as much as in 2014 but nearly. Here is what my collection changed like in the years.

14.12.2012 -> 101 cds
30.12.2013 -> 155 cds
29.12.2014 -> 289 cds
31.12.2015 -> 437 cds + 35 dvds

Again the numbers don't get along...  this time I can't tell you why... maybe I sold 1 or two cds or gave them away. However all in all I bought 145 cds and 15 dvs in 2015. Here are the pictures.

Albums: 31
Singles: 114

Break Through - paradise dream [Takanori Osaki Ver.]
Break Through - Tarira Tararira # Kakusan Kibo Retweet / Little Dreamer [Shunsuke Kujirai Ver.]
Break Through - Toriaezu Kiitekudasai orz [CD+DVD]
Break Through - We are Halloween Knights [CD+DVD]
Break Through - We are Halloween Knights [CD+PictureBooklet]
Chotokkyu - Train
Chotokkyu - Shake Body
Chotokkyu - Starlight
Chotokkyu - Kiss me Baby
Chotokkyu - believe x believe
Chotokkyu - Burn / Star Gear / EBiDAY EBiNAI 
Chotokkyu - Ring
Chotokkyu - Stardust Love Train
Chotokkyu - Beautiful Chaser [CD+Bu-Ray]
CustomiZ - Hare Hare Yukai
CustomiZ - Mononoke Hime
CustomiZ - Life and Death [CD+DVD]
CustomiZ - Hitsuji no Hikari
CustomiZ - Hitsuji no Hikari [CD+DVD]
CustomiZ - Requim
CustomiZ - Requim [CD+DVD]
CustomiZ - Kai
CustomiZ - Kai [CD+DVD]
Da-iCE - Moichido dake [CD+DVD]
Da-iCE - Billion Dreams [Sota Ver.]
Da-iCE - Everybody [CD+DVD]
Da-iCE - Everybody [Sota Ver.]
Da-iCE - Hello [CD+DVD]
Da-iCE - Hello [Sota Ver.]
Daichi Miura - Fever [CD+DVD]
D-Date - Glory Days [CD+DVD]
DISH// - It's Alright
DISH// - Peter Pan Syndrom
DISH// - Saisho no Koi [CD+DVD]
DISH// - Hengao de bye bye [CD+DVD]

DISH// - Main Dish [CD+DVD]
DISH// - Yay!! Natsuyasumi
DISH// - Yay!! Natsuyasumi
DISH// - Yay!! Natsuyasumi [CD+DVD]
DISH// - Yay!! Natsuyasumi [CD+DVD Ver. B]
DISH// - Oretachi Rookies [CD+DVD]
DISH// - Oretachi Rookies [CD+DVD Ver. B]
Maid Dreamin - Best of (that's a cd from a maid cafe)
Dream - Konnanimo [CD+DVD]
Dream5  - 5th Anniversary Single Collection [CD+DVD]
Dream5 - Yokai Taiso Dai ni [CD+DVD]
EXILE Shokichi - Don't Stop The Music [CD+DVD]
EXILE Shokichi - Ignition [CD+DVD]
Flower - Sakura Regret [CD+DVD]
Flower - Forget-Me-Not [CD+DVD]
Flower - Koibito ga Santa Claus [CD+DVD]
Flower - Shirayuki Hime [CD+DVD]
Flower - Flower [CD+DVD]
Flower - Sayonara Alice [CD+DVD]
Flower - Hanadokei [2CD+DVD]
Flower - Blue Sky Blue [CD+DVD]
Fumika - Power of Voice
Generations - Sing it Loud [CD+DVD]
Generations - Generation EX [CD+DVD]
Generations - Evergreen [CD+DVD]
Generations - Hard Knock Days [CD+DVD]
Generations - All For You [CD+DVD]
Happiness - Holiday [CD+DVD]
Hey! Say! JUMP - Ultra Music Power
Hey! Say! JUMP - Dreams Come True
Hey! Say! JUMP - Jump World
Hey! Say! JUMP - Chau# / Wo I Need You [CD+DVD]

Hey! Say! JUMP - Jumping Car [CD+DVD]
Hey! Say! JUMP - Kimi ni Attraction 
Hey! Say! JUMP - Kimi ni Attraction [CD+DVD]
Hey! Say! JUMP - Kimi ni Attrection [CD+DVD Ver. B]
HR - Natsu Iro Candy [CD+DVD]
J Soul Brothers - Planet Seven [CD+2Blu-Ray]
J Vibes
J Lovers
Jin Akanishi - Me
Johnny's WEST - Zundoko Paradise
Johnny's WEST - Zundoko Paradise [CD+DVD]
Johnny's WEST - Zundoko Paradise [CD+DVD Ver.B]
Johnny's WEST - Paripipo
Johnny's WEST - Paripipo [CD+DVD]
Johnny's WEST - Very Happy
Johnny's WEST - Very Happy [CD+DVD]
Johnny's WEST - Very Happy [CD+DVD Ver. B]
Kamen Joshi - Geki da ne
Ken The 390 - Dream Boy
Ken The 390 - The Best of Collaboration Rapper's Best & Singer's Best
Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-World
La PomPon - BUMP! [CD+DVD]
La PomPon - Hot Girls  [CD+DVD]
La PomPon - Hot Girls  [CD+DVD Ver. B]
La PomPon - Nazo [Rima Ver.]
La PomPon - Nazo  [CD+DVD]
Lead - Sakura  [CD+DVD]
Lead - Omoide Breaker  [CD+DVD]
Lead - My One  [CD+DVD]
lol - fire  [CD+DVD]
Melofloat - Yume no Kakera  [CD+DVD]
M!LK - Coffee ga Nomemasen
M!LK - Handoki Adventure  [CD+DVD]

Haruki & Jinto from M!LK - Boku no Tonari
Mrs. Green Apple - Variety
NYC boys / Yuma Nakayama w/ B.I. Shadow - Akuma na Koi / NYC  [CD+DVD Ver. B]
NYC - Wonderful Cupid [LE]
palet - Believe in Yourself
palet - Believe in Yourself
palet - Love n' Roll
palet - Love n' Roll  [CD+DVD]
palet - Time to Change  [CD+DVD]
palet - All for One  [CD+DVD]
Porno Graffitti - Saboten
Porno Graffitti - Best Ace
Porno Graffitti - Zipper [CD+DVD]
PrizmaX - Go! / Mysterious Eyes [CD+DVD]
PrizmaX - Fantasista [CD+DVD]
PrizmaX - Fantasista
PrizmaX - Our Zone
PrizmaX - Our Zone
PrizmaX - Our Zone
PrizmaX - Lonely Summer Days
PrizmaX - Lonely Summer Days
PrizmaX - Lonely Summer Days
Sakura Shimeji - Ikuji Nashi / Kino no Yume
Sakura Shimeji - Kimi Deshita
Sata Andagi - Taisetsu na Hito [CD+DVD]
SOLIDEMO - Rafflesia [CD+DVD]
SOLIDEMO - Girlfriend [CD+DVD]
SOLIDEMO - 8Collars [CD+DVD]
Shimizu Shota - I Miss You [CD+DVD]
Ciao Bella Cinquetti - Omotesando / Futako Tamagawa / Never Never Give Up [Hashimon Ver.]
Ciao Bella Cinquetti - Omotesando / Futako Tamagawa / Never Never Give Up [CD+DVD]
Tsuki to Taiyo - Aru Idol no Zekkyo / Zettai Zenkai 
Vimclip - Sex You Up
WEBER - First Day [CD+DVD]
WEBER - Hokori to Taiyo [CD+DVD]

w-inds. - Move Like This [CD+DVD]
Yamashita Tomohisa - Ero [CD+DVD]
Yamashita Tomohisa - A Nude [CD+DVD]
Yamashita Tomohisa - Asobi
Yuma Nakayama - YOLO moment [CD+DVD]
Yuma Nakayama - Tokoton Got It! [CD+DVD]
Yuma Nakayama - Tokoton Got It! [CD+DVD Ver. B]


NEWS - Live Diamond [LE]
Johnny's WEST - Naniwa Tomoare, Honma ni Arigato! [LE]
Johnny's WEST - Johnny's West 1st Concert Ippatsumeeeeeee! [LE]
Hey! Say! JUMP - Live Tour 2014 Smart [LE]
Chotokkyu - "BULLET TRAIN ONEMAN SHOW 2014" and BULLET TRAIN CLIPS 2011-2014 [LE]
Chotokkyu - Bullet Train One Man 'Christmas' Show 3rd Anniversary Special!!!!!!!-Seinaru Ichiya-
EXILE TRIBE - Live Tour 2012 Tower of Wish [LE w/ 3 discs]
EXILE TRIBE - EXILE TRIBE Perfect Year Live Tour Tower Of Wish 2014 -The Revolution- [LE w/ 5 discs]
EBiDAN - EBiDAN Vol. 4
Koda Kumi - Live Tour 2007 Black Cherry
palet - 3rd Anniversary Live-time To Change-
w-inds. - Works Best
Yamashita Tomohisa - Asia Tour 2011 Super Good Super Bad [LE]
DISH// - Sara vs All Sla Majide Oretachi Yaon Yaruno!? Konattara Slasher Zenin Kyosei Shugo!!
DISH// - Nippon Budokan Tandoku Koen '15 Ganjitsu - Togatta Yume no Saki e -

There are still some cds on the way but I will count them in for next year.

Monday, December 14, 2015

[435][Music Monday] BRIGHT - Tears

I could post lots of song by BRIGHT in the segment, and I guess I will do,  because I love so many of their songs but for the first post about them I decided to post my first favorite song of them and that's "Tears". I know BRIGHT since their debut with the mini album "Brightest Star" and I still remember myself looking up their website again and again and always klicking on the preview for "Tears" because I enjoyed the short preview, they had on the webiste, so much. This mini album has been released in January 2008 and I know and love this song since then. Besides there is no music video for this song so you don't have to try find it.

Monday, December 7, 2015

[434][Music Monday] Chotokkyu - EBiDAY EBiNAI

Today I want to introduce you to one of my all time favorite songs of Chotokkyu. I like this band a lot since a few years now and I like many of their songs but there is only a handful that I really love and this is one of it. I like the feeling the songs gives of and it's an addicting song I can't refuse to sing a log, at least I try to xD! But I have to admit that the music video did influence me liking this song even more. It's such a cute video of a friendship connected to the fandom of Chotokkyu. The video is done really well and when I listen to the song I directly think about the video. >o<
Give it a try.

Monday, November 30, 2015

[433][Music Monday] Nissy - Doushiyou ka?

Doushiyou ka has been released in 2013 and I still dearly love it after all the time that has already passed. In generel I can say I like his solo songs a lot, though I like a lot of the AAA (the band he is a part of) songs as well. His voice is really nice to listen too and this song is his best so far. It's a fun song I love to sing a long to. Also the video is really good and fun to watch.

Monday, November 23, 2015

[432][Music Monday] Large House Satisfaction - Crazy Crazy

I came across "Crazy Crazy" while looking up new releases of this year. First I was captured by the heavy music video which is pretty voilant. I was like WTF after watching the video the first time but I couldn't resist watching it again and not because of the video but because of the song which keept spinning in my head. It's one of my favorite rock songs of this year. And to be honest I listend to some other songs of Large House Satisfaction and they have released some really good songs so far. I absolutly recommend their music.

Monday, November 16, 2015

[431][Music Monday] YU-A - You are my Superman

YU-A mostly sings ballads but sometimes she also does fun fast songs and so far they always turn out great. You are my superman is one of my favorites of her. This song is very addciting and after lisstening to it it normaly stays a few hours spinning in my head. Also the music video is pretty funny, what makes the song even better in my point of few.

Monday, November 9, 2015

[430][Music Monday] Shimizu Shota - ByexBye

ByexBye was released in 2015 and is so far my favorite song of him. I love his soothing voice and there are lots of songs by Shimizu Shota I love listen to a lot but for this one I could really listen it endlessly. I always find my self repeating the song at least three to four times when it pops up on my IPod. I guess it's the kinde darkish feeling the song has to it thatI love, it's the rythem by far and his incredible voice. You guys have to listen to this song.

Monday, November 2, 2015

[429][Music Monday] Home Made Kazoku - Summer Time Magic

Summer Time Magic is one of my absolute favorite summer songs and by far my favorite song of Home Made Kazoku. To be honest this song is the reason I started to love their music.
Besides this song I like many other of their songs but this one is just super awesome and I love it for years already!
I just love the sound of it so much and it has a special feeling to it and the rythme is so addicting. And to be honest I also like the video a lot, thought it's done so cheaply but all the summer scenes makes me getting even more in the mood for summer! 
Will always love this song!

Monday, October 26, 2015

[428][Music Monday] Customize - Mononoke Hime

Hi Minna!!
I want this blog to be a little more active again and that's whyI decided to start the series "Music Monday" in which I will post one of my favorite songs or sometimes just songs I like. And maybe I will start writing other posts again but I don't want to promise anything!

My first entry for this series is about Mononoke Hime by Customize (now known as CustomiZ). This was the first song I listend to of them and I directly fell in love with it. Goro is by far very outstanding, his look is great and his voice has an, in my opinion, unique sound to it. When I discovered this jewel they have been quite inactive and shortly after they anounced that one of the members will leave the band. Luckily it wasn't Goro but it took a while before the new member Hama was introduced and by then they even started to talk about a major debut. I was really happy about this until... I listend to the new song in which Goro is just a backvocalist and is mostly playing the guitar.
BUT... for my pleasure and I guess many others as well, lately Goro is getting more vocal parts again. I hope it will stay like this or he gets even more parts in the future songs. I miss the old Customize songs, thought I can't deny that I also like the new ones. However Mononoke Hime will always be my favorite song by Customize/CustomiZ!!!!! 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

[427]HR member profiles

Wow such a long time since my last post but today I finally post here again and the reason is the idolgroup HR. I now them for around a year now and at the end of June they finally released their 1st Major single called Natsuiro Candy. I got my own copy just yesterday (because the post service in my country sucks >-<) and I really enjoyed the new song. So I decided to look up the members and make a little post of them. 

Kobayashi Mayu
Bloodtyp A
159 cm
Regular Member

Yasuda Rei
Bloodtyp B
Regular Member

Kunimoto Marina
Bloodtyp A
Regular Member

Mochizuki Ayaka
Bloodtyp O
Regular Member

*She is a little outstanding 'cause she has a more rock style (fashion related)!

Ogawa Kanade
Bloodtyp B
Regular Member

Aoki Tsubasa
Bloodtyp A
Regular Member

Yamauchi Sayuri
Bloodtyp A
Regular Member

Nakazawa Yuki
Bloodtyp A
Regular Member

Aikawa Reika
Bloodtyp AB
9th Generation

Kojima Nao
Bloodtyp B
9th Generation

Tanaka Momoka
Bloodtyp AB
9th Generation

Hashimoto Nana
Bloodtyp A
9th Generation

Yoshimura Tamami
Bloodtyp O
9th Generation

*She is the youngest member of the group.

Ryu Yuina
Bloodtyp O
9th Generation

*She is not in the music video for their major debut single Natsuiro Candy.

Kawasaki Miho
Bloodtyo A
10th Generation

Shinoyama Sera
Bloodtyp B
10th Generation

Nakamura Koyuri
Bloodtyp O
10th Generation

Yamamoto Yuri
Bloodtyp O
10th Generation

Watanabe Kokoro
Bloodtyp A
10th Generation