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Monday, October 26, 2015

[428][Music Monday] Customize - Mononoke Hime

Hi Minna!!
I want this blog to be a little more active again and that's whyI decided to start the series "Music Monday" in which I will post one of my favorite songs or sometimes just songs I like. And maybe I will start writing other posts again but I don't want to promise anything!

My first entry for this series is about Mononoke Hime by Customize (now known as CustomiZ). This was the first song I listend to of them and I directly fell in love with it. Goro is by far very outstanding, his look is great and his voice has an, in my opinion, unique sound to it. When I discovered this jewel they have been quite inactive and shortly after they anounced that one of the members will leave the band. Luckily it wasn't Goro but it took a while before the new member Hama was introduced and by then they even started to talk about a major debut. I was really happy about this until... I listend to the new song in which Goro is just a backvocalist and is mostly playing the guitar.
BUT... for my pleasure and I guess many others as well, lately Goro is getting more vocal parts again. I hope it will stay like this or he gets even more parts in the future songs. I miss the old Customize songs, thought I can't deny that I also like the new ones. However Mononoke Hime will always be my favorite song by Customize/CustomiZ!!!!!